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Do Papillons Cause Allergies?

When on the topic of allergies, the breed of Papillon might not be as likely as other breeds to suffer from sensitivities of the skin. Other breeds of the toy variety, particularly those which are hairless, such as the Chinese Crested, are more prone to developing allergies to substances like wool. They are not among the most sensitive breed of dogs, but any person who wants to own a Papillon needs to know about the potential for allergies the dog may experience.

Furthermore, an owner should also know about the signs of allergies in the dog and make sure to be knowledgeable about any ingredients contained in products and do not use such products, if they are dangerous or allergenic to the dog.

Bear in mind that an allergy that is present at birth does not necessarily spell out a problem, it may not develop until the dog reaches adulthood. Any Papillon that has developed a habit of itching, may have encountered something that was never before an issue. If the dog developed sneezing, the problem might lie in something the Papillon has smelled, this makes the need for a professional inspection something to consider.

More than likely, any type of food allergies do not have to be an issue as long as you feed the dog a diet recommended by a veterinarian. In any event, if your Papillon exhibits any type of digestive disorders, you may want to rethink the diet of the dog. Basically, it is always a good idea to pay special attention to how your Papillon reacts to his environment and any other influences.

Something else that should be considered, it that many people can experience allergies in reaction to the dander of a Papillon. Make sure you let visitors know that you have a Papillon with fine hair, this will help ensure they take precautions in case they suffer from any type of sensitivity to dog dander.

Simply exercising common precautions is the best course of action. If your Papillon begins to exhibit any signs of discomfort, or seems to be unhealthy, you should try to figure out the source of the problem. If it turns out to be an allergic condition, you will need to remove anything causing the allergy and watch how the dog reacts. If at anytime you are unable to find the root of the problem, you should take your Papillon to be checked out by a veterinarian.

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