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Foreskin Fun: Masturbation Tips for Intact Men

While researchers debate whether foreskin affords intact men greater sexual sensations, there is no doubt that having foreskin opens a man up to different techniques for masturbatory fun. Frequent masturbation is, for many men, a component of sexual and penis health, as it keeps the tissues strong, supports prolonged erectile function and gets a man in touch with his body and what he likes. Men with foreskin can try the following masturbation techniques for which their penises are uniquely equipped. Note: These techniques can also be employed by a partner administering a hand job.

Slide it over

Many uncircumcised men enjoy the sensation of their foreskins sliding over the heads of their penises. Once erect, a man can grip near the base of his uncut penis and move his hand up and down, just enough to get the foreskin to slide over his head and back down, over and over again. Try going slow and enjoying the strip tease as the head becomes exposed and covered up again. This can be particularly fun with a partner, who may place his or her mouth near the head and lick around the area as the head becomes exposed.

Pinch it

A man can also experience the pleasurable sensation of his foreskin moving around the penile head while keeping the head covered by the sheath. Pull the foreskin past the head, pinch it gently and pull in and out; the shrouded head might enjoy the subtler sensation of the foreskin encasing it.

Slide a finger in

With the foreskin covering the head, a man can slide his finger inside and move it in a circular motion. It may be particularly thrilling to see the finger’s bulge underneath the foreskin, similar to seeing a partner’s hand bulge from underneath a man’s trousers or underwear.

Ejaculate inside it

Another interesting thing only the intact man can do is ejaculate inside his foreskin. He may not catch it all, but this move will certainly provide a new sensation that he may find he enjoys – similar to finishing inside a partner.

The length and elasticity of men’s foreskin varies. Some men may not be able to comfortably pull off the above moves, and that’s just fine. Men should feel free to experiment with different ways of touching their foreskin and using it during sexual activities, communicating what they like, as well as what they don’t, with their partners.

In Western culture, many men are self-conscious about foreskin, since circumcision is the norm. This can lead to body image issues and insecurities that interfere with their sex lives and their emotional wellbeing. Along with dispelling myths about the foreskin being unclean or somehow “gross,” men would do well to learn ways to make the most of it and actually enjoy it. The above tips will hopefully help.

Foreskin or none, guys can show their penises extra love by making sure to take care of their skin condition. One important factor in maintaining healthy skin is using ample lubricant during masturbation. Men with foreskin may have an advantage here, as their foreskins provide natural lubrication to the member. Still, it’s a good idea to have a product on hand in case additional slickness is needed.

Another thing men can do for their skin is apply a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Men with dry, chafed penile skin will benefit from two natural moisturizers, Shea butter and vitamin E, found in Man1 Man Oil. Rough and sore skin is not pleasing to the touch, and may actually be less capable of experiencing pleasurable sensations. Investing in a skin care product specifically designed for the penis is a wise choice for men who could use a boost in the skin condition department.

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