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Organic Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Oily Skin


Unlike dry skin, which has under-performing sebaceous oil glands, oily skin has overactive oil glands which give the surface level of skin a greasy, shiny, and oily appearance. Some skin is only oily in some areas while dry in other areas; this is called combination skin which we will discuss in further detail below. Causes for oily skin are often genetics, environmental factors, diet, hormonal imbalances (puberty, pregnancy, and birth control), and poor choices in cosmetic and skin care products. Keep in mind that we suggest you use organic skin care products at all times for oily skin care. This skin type often has average to large sized pores which often become clogged and may be prone to acne and blemishes. Always remember that oily skin attracts more dirt and dust than other skin types. Therefore, skin with excess oil needs to be cleaned more often. Unfortunately, while dirt and dust stick to the skin, makeup and cosmetics seem to slide off the skin after a few hours of application. Thus, make sure to use cosmetics that are specifically designed for oily skin to prevent this from happening. In contrast to dry skin, oil secretion becomes a bigger problem in months with high temperatures and humidity while winter months are perfect for oily skin. While oily skin care requires constant attention and may be more problematic than other skin types, a plus is that it ages very well as it is not susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Skin Care Recommendations:

Balance is important for oily skin care. For best results from oily skin care, you want to remove the excess oil on the surface levels without stripping the skin of oils completely; if this happens, the skin will make up for lack of oil by producing more, making things worse. Gentle soaps can be used all over the body for oily skin, including the face, twice a day. Better than bar soap, it is best to use water-based, clay based, nut based, or milk based cleansers on oily skin – just make sure that whatever you use does not dry out the surface layer of the skin but still removes the excess oils. Exfoliation will help to clean excess oil off the surface levels of the skin and reduce pore size twice a week, but be careful here; too much exfoliation may cause oil to run rampant (remember the key is balance). Make sure that if you suffer from acne, be gentle with your skin when exfoliating because scrubbing too hard will aggravate your condition. Organic green tea and vinegar toners work best for oily skin as they are slightly astringent but not too harsh. Depending on the level of oil production, moisturizers are optional. If you are going to use an oil based moisturizer make sure it is either neem or jojoba oil because most other oils will make your oil problem worse. You may already have enough moisture in your skin to add an extra moisturizer or lotion. A better option may be to simply use a toner with a humectants like vegetable glycerin which will pull moisture into your skin without being as strong as a heavy cream moisturizer. Weekly face masks made of clay and honey are strongly recommended as they will balance out the oil levels in your skin and get rid of excess sebum. As with all skin types, make sure to avoid excessive heat and make sure to protect your skin from sun damage by using sunscreen and UV protection.

Recommended Organic Herbs:









Lemon Balm







Tea Tree



Recommended Other Organic Ingredients:

Aloe Vera

Apple Cider Vinegar


Green Tea

Ground Oat


Jojoba Oil

Neem Oil



Vegetable Glycerin


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