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Over the Counter Skin Tag Removal Products

There are some over-the-counter skin tag remover products on the market that you can purchase easily at your local pharmacy or even at a health food store. You have to be careful when using these remedies since you do not want to damage the surrounding skin. Nevertheless, just think about how different your life is going to be after you have removed the mass of tags that are dangling from your neck or perhaps from your inner thighs. I will now outline the different products that you can purchase over-the-counter for getting rid of these skin blemishes.

Over-the-counter creams for getting rid of your tags:

There are creams that you can purchase that are designed to get rid of skin blemishes such as tags. Just ensure they do not rub a lot of cream on the surrounding skin in case you have a slight reaction or sensitive skin.

If you’re not sure which cream you should be purchasing, just talk to your pharmacist at your local pharmacy.

Purchasing vitamin E to get rid of your tags:

You can easily purchase over-the-counter vitamin E that can be used to get rid of your skin tags. Just apply some of this vitamin to the surface of your tag and then cover it up with the small bandage. By the time that the bandage falls off, the skin tag will probably be attached to it.

It also is a good idea to clean the surface around the tag before applying vitamin E, so that it will have a greater chance of being absorbed by the tag.

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