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Safe Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis Or Ezcema – What Drug Companies and Doctors Would Not Tell You

Would you believe I had Atopic Dermatitis well into the teenage years? Would you believe that doctors then and NOW do not believe there is a strong connection between foods, the environment and skin diseases like Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis. As a result, doctors would continue to harm patients with steroids drugs (oral, injections, and topical) and a continuous supply of pharmaceutical designer poisons.

My diet changed in specific ways when I was in medical school because back then I wanted to eat healthier. I Consumed a lot fruits and drank a lot of fresh juices every morning till noon. My meals were mostly vegetarian. Red meat were eliminated. All dairy products were eliminated (milk and cheese and any food/drink with either or both). I am Not saying all these are related to the cause or aggravation of eczema but they helped me markedly. The doctors wanted me to live on Topisolon (steroid cream) and Piriton (an anti-histamine, anti-itch). These were my teenage years; not yet a doctor or a medical student.

All medical therapies have severe side-effects!!!!

What Can You Do To Stop The Itch?

Salt water and warm compress. Add salt to warm water, stir; keep repeatedly adding salt and stirring until the salt starts to settle at the bottom. Soak a cloth and put it over the affected area. If it does not work with table salt, then try a more quality salt (sea salt, for example).

Hydrate Your Skin From The INSIDE Out.

Do NOT rely on creams and lotions. Proper hydration through a lot of fresh Alkaline juices and vegetables and fruits. Juices and fruits must be consumed on an empty stomach; do not combine with other foods.

Supplement with omega-3 whole food supplements (for example, krill or fish oil).

Whatever dries your skin (soaps, excessive bathing, chemicals) and you can avoid, DO SO!!! Patients would expose their skin to harsh chemicals and demand medications to treat a symptom; when the cause, avoidance, is well within their capability.

Your Diet and Your Skin

Remember what I wrote above? I changed my diet and my eczema was cured. I got a divorce and my Psoriasis was instantly cured!!!! This is NOT anecdotal. The skin is intimately related to your diet and stress level.

Avoid wheat. Avoid gluten. Avoid soy. Avoid Artificial drinks. Avoid All Dairy. Avoid eggs. Avoid Red Meat.

Consider taking a probiotic to aid digestion. And, last: Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! I am Not endorsing taking vitamin D supplements. Gentle exposure to plenty of sunshine helps dramatically.

So there you have it. These simple measures, implemented over time, will control or cure your atopic dermatitis.

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