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Sinus Pressure – The Allergy Connection

How many times have you heard someone say: “I think I’m coming down with a cold.”? No doubt many times. In fact, most of us have said that or made a similar statement, ourselves. Now a days when someone I know tells me that I usually reply: “Could it be allergies?” Because many of those “colds” are probably allergy reactions to the environment. As I look back to my childhood days one cannot, but wonder at the strong possibility that all those tablespoons of cod liver oil my mother faithfully administered—-in their full natural flavor, as commonly done in those days–to prevent my getting a “cold,” although not a bad idea were probably unnecessary since my frequent runny nose, coughing and post nasal drip were very likely caused by allergens. Even, perhaps, by the thick smog that had developed in the large city I grew up in.

As I studied my sinus problem several years ago, I came to the conclusion that the two main causes of my problem were: some foods and environmental allergies. Whenever I indulged in a milk shake or a large serving of ice cream I had serious post nasal drip in a matter of hours. And whenever I had a large glass of cow’s milk 3 or more days in a row I had the same result. I would stop drinking milk for several days or stop eating ice cream and the sinuses would clear up in just a few days. The seeming correlation became so obvious that I finally decided, a number of years ago, to stop using these food items on a regular basis and, of course, the sinuses cleared up indefinitely.

Then came spring time and as weeds and their flowers, and trees and their own flowers made their appearance once again in our area, the same allergic reaction I had had to the foods already mentioned, above, began to reappear, except that  I wasn’t using them. So, it became obvious that I was allergic to certain pollens and probably other allergens. I had pollen allergy tests made and sure enough there were a number of pollens I was very allergic to. With these results on hand the only alternative I had was: move to a place where there were not pollens I was allergic to–probably something rather impossible–or begin to receive allergy injections on a regular basis. I opted for the latter.

Several years went by and we moved farther North where carpets are more commonly used than in the Southwest and I began to once again have “cold” symptoms. At least that’s what we thought at first. Since I was hardly using cow’s milk and had resumed the allergy injections my wife and I wondered, what could the cause of the post nasal drip, etc., be this time. So I went back to an allergy specialist in our new area. After doing some testing he found I was very allergic to house dust. In the process of being given the allergy tests I found that not all house dust is created equal. Some dusts contain large amounts of dust mite droppings. This kind of mites thrive in a humid and warm environment, like the one produced by the human body while lying in bed, where the mites eat mostly microscopic particles of human skin that rubs off there and on the carpet. The tests did show I was very allergic to that kind of house dust. Thereupon I was given minute instructions by my doctor on how to shield my bed from the little varmints and their droppings. The devastating allergic effects I was having began to subside, especially when to my allergy injections was added the dust mite droppings antigen.

There can definitely be an allergy connection to sinus pressure and other sinus problems. My case is not unique. If one is suffering from ongoing sinus problems it might not be a bad idea to consider testing for allergies to the environment and possibly foods, especially if your health insurance covers these tests.

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