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The Best Treatment For Aged Paper Thin Skin – Get the Truth at Last!

I can tell you that aged paper thin skin did not happen overnight. It is only at a certain point that we notice it though or that it becomes a bit more obvious and we naturally get upset. Then we start looking for the best treatment.

There is good news in that if we find good Omega 3 fish oil capsules, preferably a superior pharmaceutical grade, then we can add that as a supplement. These fish oils are excellent for all round good health but they are also really effective in making the skin a little thicker. This is mainly because they contain polyunsaturated fats and these can help to replace those lost when skin gets very dry and starts to flake. It can also help to reduce the effects of sun exposure. If you are choosing one, make sure that it has a high DHA (one of the main fatty acids) content. Just by taking this supplement, you can begin to see an improvement in aged paper thin skin.

The truth about collagen and elastin as regards aged paper thin skin

The truth is that we age, skin cell turnover has been gradually diminishing and that means less and less collagen and elastin. It also means less hyaluronic acid which keeps skin youthful and smooth. The combination of all these factors makes the skin less robust, thinner and aged paper thin skin is the result.

But the truth is hard to find when we are assailed by deceptive publicity which tries to persuade us that we can apply hyaluronic acid or collagen directly to the skin. That is only partially true because these are usually animal derived and the molecular structure is not suitable for the dermis.

However if we chose really effective natural ingredients like Cynergy TK, we can boost collagen. This is a type of functional keratin and is so close to our skin make up that it will be readily absorbed and can help the collagen to start re-growing again. That is going to mean thicker and smoother skin and will help to keep the aging process at bay.

Why moisturizers are so important

Using organic moisturizers are also a great idea. It is best to apply these immediately after bathing while the skin is a little damp so that the moisture is locked in. The best ones on the market today are those containing avocado oil, jojoba oil and macadamia oil.

Now that we know the truth about what really works, why not take this a step further if you really want to get rid of aged paper thin skin. All you have to do is to click through and get the low down on what is happening in the skin care world. Be prepared for a few shocks!

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