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The Most Common Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth pops up when one is around 17 years old. Sometimes called “third molars”, one can have four wisdom teeth, but there are individuals who don’t have any. The main problem with them is that they grow even when there is insufficient space in the jaw for them. Thus the teeth become impacted and this eventually gives rise to problem such as gum infections and tooth decay. Below are some symptoms related to this set of teeth.

Pain: A wayward wisdom tooth may cause pericoronities (a localised infection) to arise around the problem area. This causes pain.

Irritation: Because of space constaint, wisdom teeth may get trapped. The end result is irritation and a feeling of uneasiness.

Sour Throat and Nausea: When pericoronitis spreads, be prepared for sour throat or nausea.

Fever: Body temperature can rise and fatigue sets in, no thanks to pericoronities.

Difficulty in Swallowing: One of the most common symptoms of wisdom teeth problems is difficulty in opening the jaw and swallowing.

Pus: Infection around the wisdom tooth may cause pus to form near the gum.

Facial Swelling: Swelling of the face, throat and ear may occur when the teeth erupted at certain angles. But the swelling could be due to worsened pericoronitis also.

Lymphs glands swells: Patients may feel pain in the throat. This is because the impacted teeth had caused havoc on the lymph glands under the jaw.

Gum inflammation: When the wisdom tooth erupts, the gum may become inflamed.

Cysts or Tumor: Cysts or tumors may form around impacted wisdom teeth, but such an occurrence is quite rare.

Difficulties in brushing: If you experience difficulties in flossing and brushing, it is highly possible that your wisdom tooth is rearing its ugly head.

Chewing problems: Impacted wisdom tooth may eventually lead to ulcers in the mouth. When that happens, chewing becomes a Herculean task.

Pain, oh, pain: Besides pain in your jaw, be prepared for headaches as well.

Foul mouth: Infected wisdom teeth can cause bad breath.

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