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Top Skincare Tips to Eliminate Wrinkles

Wrinkles and face lines are natural for any person that is above 30 years old, some people show up premature wrinkles and other not until later in their 40s, but we all have to deal with this problem that although natural we don’t like it because it make us look older and less attractive.

The main reason for skin aging is inflammation cause by a low immune system function and free radical damage that then causes collagen in our skin to breakdown and produce wrinkles.

There are some skincare tips to eliminate wrinkles that you should follow on a daily basis if you want to improve your skin facial look.

1) Are you drinking plenty of water ever day? this is essential for a hydrated skin and avoid dryness.

2) Are you Having a Healthy Diet? poor eating habits are cause of a low immune system and lack of defenses.

3) Do you take Multi Vitamins? There are many essential vitamins that our skin needs to stay firm like Vitamin A, C, D and E, because we don’t have good healthy eating habits we lack of those vitamins.

4) Do you Exercise? is very important to keep an active lifestyle.

5) Use a sunscreen and avoid sun over exposure.

Now, there are other things that you should avoid to prevent skin damage.

Avoid smoking, it is a major cause of free radical damage.

Avoid Alcohol, it drys the skin

Avoid creams with chemicals substances and alcohol

Avoid excess of Sugar and artificial sweeteners

Those are very important skincare tips that will help you eliminate wrinkles by improving your immune system, fighting free radicals and helping your skin to restore the fibers of your skin.

However there is a point were you will need the help of natural anti wrinkle creams to help your produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, also a cream with potent anti oxidants will prevent free radical damage.

Wrinkle creams that contain plant extracts, water, keratin, honey, Avocado extract and other natural sources are great for your skin and can make a huge difference in your facial look.

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