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Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Vs Basic Wrinkle Cream – What’s the Difference?

It is fairly easy to see, when you surf the web, and the majority of marketers in the skin care industry use, “Anti aging” and “Wrinkle” creams synonymously. You see the same products advertised no matter what you search for. The truth, however, is that a wrinkle cream is not necessarily an anti aging cream. There are substantial characteristics that qualify a cream as “anti aging” and it is a lot more than just removing wrinkles. The signs of aging are numerous and are necessary to target, for any old wrinkle cream to fit into the anti aging category. This article is going to point out the other things that a cream must do in order to be truly “anti aging”. Consumers should keep these factors in mind when shopping, to ensure that they’re not buying a cream that really can’t do what it promises.

An important “Anti aging” qualifier is if a cream removes age spots or sunspots. One of the most visible signs of aging that the skin gets over time, are these brown or red discolorations resulting from too much time in the sun over the years. An average wrinkle cream does not address these imperfections of the skin that give clues to its real age. When you are shopping for an anti aging wrinkle cream, be sure to read its claims. You need to see that, in fact, there is an ingredient in the cream that directly addresses the brightening of the color of skin, and specifically, the reduction of age spots. A cream that does NOT do this isn’t worth considering, if you have the goal of giving your skin an overall younger look, not just less wrinkles.

Another difference-maker that a cream must have to fall into the anti aging category is if it can reduce the redness of aging skin. There is a very common factor that elderly people show on their faces. This is a rosy, redness on the cheeks and neck area that is the result of damage or ruptured blood vessels. These red areas are a giveaway of your age, and need to be dealt with by any cream that claims to be for anti aging. A real anti aging wrinkle cream will have an ingredient in it which smoothes the appearance of these red spots, and adds to the skin’s overall even tone. If your cream doesn’t work on this problem, it is more of a wrinkle cream only, and should be treated as such. A complete cream, however, will target this issue.

Large, deep, visible pores of the skin are another sign of aging that a wrinkle cream must address in order to be called an anti aging cream. These tiny holes in the face are the result of damage to the skin from the elements or from popping pimples over the years. A basic wrinkle cream that just focuses on reducing wrinkles, rather than shrinking these pores and hiding the true age of the skin. Make sure your anti aging cream has something that reduces pores too. This characteristic of a real anti aging wrinkle cream is not commonly seen, but in the creams that DO address this issue, you have found a real winner.

These three characteristics of a true anti aging wrinkle cream are something that sets fantastic products apart from the average. Of course, a good anti aging product has to remove wrinkles, and the reduction of wrinkles might even be the most important job of an anti aging cream. However, it’s far from the only job. The other three tasks of removing age spots, lessening redness, and shrinking pores are vital to a true success in helping all the signs of aging, not just the most obvious one, which is wrinkles. Keep these three factors in mind when you’re shopping for your next anti wrinkle cream, and you’ll see that not many products qualify. Buy the ones that do, and you’re percentage of success and overall happiness with your purchases will drastically increase.

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