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Laser Treatments To Remove Wrinkles

That is why an even complexion is created when you undergo laser treatments.

Effects Of Laser Treatments

Laser resurfacing is the most common of laser treatments for wrinkles that patients undergo. In it, the damaged outer layer of your skin is removed by the usage of lasers which encourages the new skin below it produce a more smoother and new skin. That makes the appearance of wrinkles less noticeable on your skin. Other skin imperfections like aging spots, acne scars, and skin discolorations are also removed when you undergo laser resurfacing. This procedure is best for removing moderate or fine wrinkles; if you have much deeper wrinkles and if your skin has sagged excessively, you may need more intense treatment.

Preparations Taken For Laser Treatments

Before you undergo this type of laser treatment for wrinkles, make sure you talk to your doctor about your medical history and what you are expecting as a result from this procedure. You may also be prescribed a thorough physical examination before your doctor performs laser resurfacing on you. This examination will also tell what kind of result you may expect. You will also be prescribed medications so as to avoid any kind of infection and other such complications. Before two months of your treatment and one year after it, you have to be very careful while going out; in no circumstance are you to expose yourself to direct sunlight!

How Laser Resurfacing Is Done

Overnight stay is not necessary for undergoing laser treatments for wrinkles as laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure. Before starting the treatment, the area undergoing the procedure is cleaned and the doctor will apply a seductive and local anesthetics. For deeper wrinkles that are being treated, general anesthesia may be required. The duration of the treatment can be anything between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Recovering From Laser Resurfacing

Your skin will be oozing, raw and blistered after the treatment is over. You may also feel pain, itching and burning sensations. The skin that has undergone the treatment may be mask bandaged for the next few days. If you have undergone treatment for the whole face, then a head wrap may be used for covering the face. After two weeks, your new skin will cover the treated area and your wrinkles will be less detectable. The wrinkles will become gradually less noticeable during the following six months to 1 year. Though wrinkles will occur as you age; but the effect of laser treatments for wrinkles generally last for years.

Risks Involved In Laser Resurfacing

There are some risks involved with laser resurfacing. You may see hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation for the next three to four weeks after the procedure. In this condition, the skin turns lighter or darker and may persist for some few months. If you have darker skin, then you are in the high-risk category for this problem. If you have herpes virus already there in your skin, it may flare up during this kind of laser treatments for wrinkles. There are some more complications like acne flares, burns, redness, scarring and bacterial infection.

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