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Why Alcohol and Wrinkles Are Related to Skin Aging

Its very common for people to take alcoholic drinks at parties and that is not bad as long as you don’t abuse, but if you get drunk and drink alcohol consistently, it will have not just a psychological negative impact but a degenerative skin impact.

The problem is that alcohol dehydrates your skin, it evaporates water from your body and if you continue your body will get used to this process.

So the consequence of drinking a lot of alcohol is that your skin will get dry and that will promote the creation of wrinkles. Dehydration causes dryness and therefore wrinkles, the only way to avoid this is to stop drinking too much alcohol.

However once you stop drinking alcohol, you might want to restore your skin and get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, itchy skin and age spots, it is possible but you will need to change your eating and drinking habits for a good lifestyle and use a good anti wrinkle cream.

Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will give your body the necessary vitamins that it needs to generate anti oxidants and protect your skin from further damage.

Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated, dont wait until you are thirty, every day drink at least 8 glasses of water to hydrate your skin.

And lastly you need a good anti wrinkle cream that will eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging. Your cream should contain only natural ingredients such as plant extracts, flowers, water, seeds, etc. and you should avoid creams with chemicals like petrolatum, parabens, alcohols, etc.

If you follow those tips you can improve your skin appearance and eliminate the wrinkles caused by alcohol.

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