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Acne Scar Removal Plastic Surgery

Both adults and teenagers suffer from acne. Regrettably, although acne can disappear, it can leave marks or scars. Acne usually leave deep scars which do not heal over time, unlike normal scars, there are instances wherein acne marks can last a lifetime. Because of this experts and industry leaders alike are working continuously to develop products and procedures that can remedy this problem. One of the solutions that have emerged lately is acne scar removal plastic surgery.

For a lot of adolescents, when their facial features are wounded or got distorted or damaged in the slightest way, they tend to feel embarrassed about it. They loose social confidence and even isolate themselves socially. This led to the extensive research for ways to treat scars. The market offers countless solutions to this but to date, the most effective is acne scar removal plastic surgery. Nonetheless, it is important to first know about the different kinds of scars so that you won’t be misled. Basically, there are 4 primary types of scars and these are:

Rolling- this refers to the delicately indented scars

Boxcar- this type of scar is considered to be “depressed” and one that has a sharp border

Icepick- these are small scars, however they are noted to run deep

Keloidal- this refers to inflamed and thickened scars.

Basically, these four types are the generally observed ones. Consequently, there are several types of acne scar removal plastic surgery that solves these very problems. These are:

* Candela Smoothbeam laser – this laser necessitates that the person goes through 4 sessions for the scars to considerably vanish.

* Fractional Resurfacing – is considered as one of the most sophisticated and highly developed treatment to scars. Basically, this technology can greatly affect the appearance of the scar almost making it invincible.

There are other kinds of acne scar removal plastic surgery. To know more, you can consult an expert on this matter.

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