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How To Cure Acne In 2 Weeks

Ok you have acne and I know you don’t want it. I know that especially for young people it makes you feel embarrassed. So you need a clean-smooth skin to earn your self-confidence back. So I am here to present you a 2 weeks plan in order to get your acne cured completely.

I know that it’s boring but you have to know something about how your acne has formed. Our unhealthy way of living and our stressful life, fills our body with toxins which must get out of the body. So a way for our organism to send them out is by our face. This is a main reason which leads to acne.

So what are we going to do in these 2 weeks ? We are going to clean our body completely by kicking-out all the toxins which are still inside. For 2 weeks we have to use a standard program which will clean our body.

For 2 weeks you must change completely the way you live until now. You have to change especially your diet. Remember that in the end of the 2 weeks your skin will be much better if not cured completely. You just have to believe that you can do it.


1) You must now eat meat and other dairy products for these two weeks.

2) You must eat every day things like fruits, vegetables, eggs yolks, nuts, some fish, brown rice.

3) You must drink at least 2-3 cups of DETOX-Tea everyday which helps your body clean the toxins.

4) Due to the fact that you will not eat as you are used to, you must eat something from above eat 1-2 hours so you must have about 9 meals every day.

5) Do some light aerobic exercises like walking, bicycle, running in order to relax and kick out the stress you have.

6) You have to sleep at least 8 hours every day and be completely relax when you do. Turn off everything from lights, to tv and relax.

7) Don’t use any creams, and leave your face heals itself alone.

8) Drink much water (about 1-2 liters).

9) Try to do this 2-weeks program when you don’t have many things to do, like when you are on holidays or you can take a 2-weeks-break

10) Avoid things that require much energy because these 2 weeks you won’t have it.

List of things you can eat:

avocado, all type of fruits, vegetables, nuts, some fish, brown rice, egg yolks, broccolo, salads.

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