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An Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen – How to Look Beautiful the Natural Way

In this article you’ll learn a natural anti aging skin care regimen that will benefit for the rest of your life, it is very simple, but many do not put in the effort to apply it, because it does require some willpower to implement.

What I am talking about is diet, exercise, and using the right products. This all sounds easy, but applying it is where the hard part is.

It took me a long time to implement this kind of anti aging skin care regimen, but when I did, boy did I see some results. I still get comments from people asking how I look so good.

When I tell them that I eat my fruits and vegetables, exercise, and use only natural products on my skin, they shrug and don’t really care. We are all conditioned to want a magic pill, something we can take without putting in any effort.

This is why most people today are being fooled by skincare companies all over the world. They are buying for the hope that one cream, or lotion will suddenly make them look young again.

We all know that this is completely irrational but we still do it, and I am guilty of this myself. As I said above, it took me years to realize what I was doing, but when I did realize, things started to happen.

I changed my anti aging skin care regimen, and I started focusing on the fundamentals.

1. Food – I threw out all the unhealthy foods like sugar, sodas, ready-to-eat foods, pizzas, hamburgers, meat (yup, meat), wheat (many are wheat intolerant), and dairy. I then started eating fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

2. Exercise – I found out that I really loved martial arts, so I started doing that, and I have been working out 3-5 times a week. The secret for me was finding something that I really like doing, and that is the secret to being someone who exercises a lot, compared to someone that doesn’t. Find something that you love doing, and you’ll love yourself to better health!

3. Skin Care – Many think that an anti aging skin care regimen is all about what skin care products you use, but I think that what you eat, and how much you move your body is way more important as a foundation. Once you’ve got those two set, I recommend only using the best, high-quality, and natural skin care products you can find.

It took me years to find a good natural skincare product, but now that I have, my skin is looking even better, and my anti aging skin care regimen is complete.

I do still recommend that you switch your old possibly dangerous skin care products to natural ones as soon as you can, because they will make a big impact in how you look, even if you aren’t exercising like a madman and eating perfectly.

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