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The True Meaning Of Anti-Aging

Most of us, when we hear the term “anti-aging,” think of getting rid of wrinkles and improving our body image, but that is only packaging. True anti-aging means building health for a longer life, staving off the degenerative diseases that make life miserable and ultimately shorten our lives. Who wants to live to a hundred with a perfect skin and slim body if it means being bent over with the hump of osteoporosis, having our activities limited by heart disease or emphysema, or dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment? Real anti-aging involves building good health to maintain strength and energy so that we can enjoy our later years and really live life to the full. The result of that will include the health of our skin as it naturally reflects our inner glow.

That is not to say we should not take care of our skin. There are many excellent reams and skin-care products out there; but first and foremost, we should concern ourselves with inner health. That means, as we all know, daily exercise. Even a short walk will help to move the muscles and get extra oxygen into the body. It means adequate sleep. Experts now say that seven or eight hours is most beneficial – anything more or less can lead to earlier death. It means frequent small meals rather than skipping breakfast, grabbing a quick lunch, and indulging at dinner time. Most of all, anti-aging means listening to our bodies and taking action before problems begin.

As we age, our bodies produce or absorb less of the essential nutrients so we need to be more careful about what we eat and to take supplements where they can help. We need to watch for new science and apply it as appropriate. Vitamin D is a case in point. For years, doctors believed only young children needed vitamin D supplements to avoid rickets as their bone structure developed. Only recently has it been discovered that there is a huge deficiency in all segments of the population right across the country, north of a line from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and that deficiency does not only affect our bones. It is now known that vitamin D is essential to heart health and the immune system, and that vitamin K3 is needed also to help the absorption of D. Anyone who is serious about anti-aging should keep abreast of what is happening in science and medicine and learn what they can do to remain vital, energetic, and alive.

Anti-aging is also a matter of attitude. Reject that label “senior citizen.” Do not put off doing things because you are in your sixties or older. Do not dress like your grandmother. Do not grunt when you get up out of a chair. Keep up with what is happening in the world. Life is not just for the young. Under sixties do not own the planet. Participate and live it!

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