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Get Rid of Rosacea With These Steps!

I know how hard it is to live with rosacea. I know how many tears are shed, how many times you let your hope rise when you hear of a new treatment… but only to have your heart broken when you realize that it doesn’t work. I have been living with this illness for ten years and I have been through hell and back trying to get rid of rosacea. And now, finally, I can say that I have done a really good job of healing my skin and taking back my life.

If you want to learn how to get rid of rosacea, you are talking to the right person. After years of experimenting with every type of medicine and changing some of my daily habits, I can leave my house and not have anyone stare at me. Those stares always were the worst, regardless of whether people were just curious or felt bad for me. I wanted nothing more than to make those stares go away…. and they have!

Here are the things that I did in order to bring the swelling down, reduce the red color from my cheeks and minimize the size of the bumps on my nose:

  1. I threw away any skin care product in my house that could dry up my skin and make my rosacea worse, such as toners and exfoliating face wash.
  2. I learned to control my stress and not let myself get worked up over the little things. I started taking yoga classes regularly and these were a huge help.
  3. Probably the most effective way to get rid of rosacea is to take the supplement Rubactum. Trust me, if you do nothing else, do this.

There you have it, the most important things to do while trying to get rid of rosacea. Above all, stay positive and believe in yourself.

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