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How to Neutralize Red Skin

If you suffer from blotchy skin, scarring, or Rosacea, you know how tough it is to make your face look fair and even. However, there are a few easy ways to neutralize red tones in your face and kick those woes to the curb. Make your way over to your local drug store or beauty supplier for a few essential tools needed to combat the redness blues. First, you’ll need to pick out a foundation that’s right for you.

Go for a light, whipped foundation that contains no oil and can be easily applied with a cosmetic sponge. Match the tone to the color of your neck and chest to ensure that you are picking the right shade, as red faces are more difficult to match. Pick out a stick or wand concealer in the same shade, as well as a compact powder. The secret ingredient to the perfect face, however, is a green neutralizing stick, which is sold by most beauty retailers. This stick resembles a tube of mint-green lipstick, and will help to cover up the worst redness in your face. Also pick up a green-tinted powder with a brush applicator.

Once you have arrived home, wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser and warm – not hot – water. Hot water can easily aggravate an already red face, so stick with a more tepid temperature. Use the green concealer stick to draw light marks over your reddest of spots – including the outside of the nostrils, the chin, and the cheeks. Blend in until it is no longer visible. Then, sweep the green powder lightly over your entire face to neutralize and set the tone. Use your natural concealer under your eyes, and apply the foundation with a cosmetic sponge over your entire face. Set it all with the compact powder, and apply the rest of your makeup as usual. Au revoir, redness!

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