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Pictures of Rosacea and How to Reduce Your Red Complexion

Today, cameras are everywhere. If your friends aren’t taking pictures with their cameras, they are taking them with their phone. Then, after catching you in your most awkward pose, they are kind enough to upload these pictures to the web and tag you for everyone and their dog to see. The strange thing is, all those awkward picture poses don’t bother you half as much as the bright red complexion in these pictures that comes as a result of your rosacea.

Rosacea afflicts millions of adults and teens around the world. Although there is no specific cure for this skin condition, there are steps you can take to make sure that the next picture your friend uploads comes out nice and clear instead of painfully red.

First of all, you need to be sure you have been diagnosed with rosacea by a doctor, otherwise you may be trying to improve a condition that requires other methods of treatment. There are minor cases of acne that may seem like rosacea which could be better treated by your doctor.

Second, to get the best results, you need to start keeping a journal that highlights those situations, foods, drinks, and other instances that cause your skin to flare-up. Although effective rosacea treatment is more than avoiding triggers, you need to be aware of these triggers anyway so that you can be sure you are on the right track, and ultimately, when your rosacea has subsided, know what works and what does not work.

Third, you need to consider your internal organ health. This step is much more than simply avoiding bad foods or drinks, but doing your very best to cleanse and heal those organs in your body that are like “filters” for your blood. If your blood is not being cleansed internally, and it holds onto toxins, this can show up in your skin and various other symptoms.

Here’s an example: If you have pet fish, when the aquarium filter is not changed often enough, it can cause your whole aquarium to get cloudy and smelly and make your fish sick. Although you can’t change your body’s blood filters (liver, kidneys) as simply as you can change your fish aquarium filter, you can certainly seek out natural ways to heal and cleanse these hard-working organs. The effort to cleanse and heal your liver and kidneys, returning them to optimum health, is always worth it, not only for treating rosacea, but other health problems.

Finally, there are various topical treatments that will cool and soothe the redness of your skin and can help prevent a flare-up by strengthening deeper levels of the epidermis. These treatments are as wide-ranging as the condition, since not everybody’s rosacea is the same, but with some trial and error (keep a journal!) you can find a rosacea skin care program that works perfectly for your personal case.

When your skin is finally clear of rosacea, you will feel much less self-conscious about the possibility of pictures of your red complexion and will feel much more free to be yourself, awkward pose or not.

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