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Ringworm Remedies – What Will Make the Ringworm on My Face Go Away Fast?

Although there are several types of ringworm, facial ringworm (Tinea Faciale) can cause shame and embarrassment. Just as acne can cause scarring and large red spots, ringworm on the face can result in unsightly patches. The nose can appear very red. There can be lesions and typical scaling, which can look like large white areas. Although ringworm can sometimes be limited to small sections, it is not uncommon for the facial type to cover larger areas. Those with ringworm on the face are usually eager to get rid of it, tired of feeling uncomfortable in public and worrying about people staring at them.

Although nearly any age can get this condition, it occurs most often in those in their early 20s to late 40s. Unfortunately it often strikes those in their prime dating years and great care must be taken to prevent the spread of ringworm (more about that later). The primary concern of most people with ringworm of the face is treating and getting rid of it. There are several ringworm remedies for getting rid of this condition.

One option is over the counter medications. Common ones include Terbinafine, Clotrimazole, and Ciclopirox. If creams do not work, there are also antifungal pills for ringworm treatment. Of course, all medications have potential side effects so it is important to discuss concerns with a health provider or doctor. Also, patience may be needed because it can take time for ringworm on the face to fully disappear. It is not uncommon for full benefits of treatment to take four to six weeks.

If using creams, proper application is very important. Ask the pharmacist about the best times of day to apply lotions for getting rid of facial ringworm. Follow directions carefully. It is also crucial to avoid spreading the condition to other people so certain activities, including sports, may be temporarily banned. Also, be sure to check the rest of the body because ringworm can spread from the face to other areas. Be vigilant about checking any cracks or folds in the skin since they can hide the early signs of ringworm (scaling, redness, lesions).

During treatment, before full recovery sets in, the skin may be very itchy. Scales may drop from the infected areas. Also, facial skin will be more vulnerable to sunburn so proper precautions need to be taken while outdoors. Some people with ringworm mistakenly believe that exposure to the sun can quickly get rid of ringworm on the face. They are mistaken are may find that they suffer from the opposite effect, with more redness, pain and even a sunburn.

If lotions do not help, be sure to go back to the doctor to seek more intense treatment. This is when oral medications may be given. They will focus on the cause of ringworm, a fungus infection. In spite of its name, ringworm is not caused by a worm. Once treatment is successful, preventing a recurrence is a priority.

A crucial step in permanently getting rid of ringworm of the face is understanding how it may have been transmitted. Generally, someone ends up touching a towel, gym equipment or other item used by another person with ringworm. During daily activities and workouts, it is helpful to wipe down public surfaces with an antibacterial or other lotion and to wash hands frequently, especially before touching the face.

Dandruff shampoos may also be helpful. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to get rid of any items which touched the face, including caps, scarves and even mittens and gloves. If these items can not be washed in extremely hot water, simply toss them to be on the safe side. Follow-up care with a good dermatologist or ringworm specialist is the last step in helping to get rid of facial ringworm.

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