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Treating Rosacea the Simple Way

Whilst there are many pills, creams and antibiotics for treating rosacea before you consult you doctor I seriously suggest you should consider the natural way to treat rosacea.

My own rosacea first flared up in my early thirties which is the most common age for it to affect a white, fair skinned male. To be honest, at first, I did not know I even had rosacea (apparently this is not uncommon as many suffers never realise they have the condition) and I carried on my life as normal and just put the occasional red nose and flushed cheeks down to too many late nights and perhaps sometimes over indulgence with alcohol.

However, as the months passed, I realised the redness (particularly around my nose) was becoming more common and now a cause for concern. I went to my doctor who could see I had the classic symptoms of the condition and diagnosed rosacea straight away. He prescribed a cream that I was instructed to apply to the affected area of my face twice a day. I persevered with the cream and after about a week to 10 days I noticed some improvement and the redness to my face subsided to an almost normal pink colour.

However, within another week or so, I was back to square one. My rosacea had flared up again. I went back to the doctors and he prescribed a different cream. Again, the cream began to work after a week to 10 days. Or had it? Within another week my rosacea had again reappeared. This got me thinking. Was the cream for my rosacea treatment actually working? Or was my rosacea just appearing and disappearing in its natural cycle.

I decided to try a different approach and set about doing some in depth research. I read every book I could find on rosacea and rosacea treatment (back then there was no internet) and eventually read a paper written by an eminent doctor who specialised in treating rosacea. His findings were largely about the rosacea suffers diet and I decided to give his advice a try.

There was to be no more fatty foods, spicy foods, red meat, dairy products or hot drinks and alcohol was to be kept to a minimum. So I stopped eating burgers, steak, beef,chips, curries, pies, cheese and butter and stopped drinking coffee, tea and milkshakes. Ok, I did have the occasional beer. I started eating lots more fruit and vegetables, meats such as chicken and oily fish such as tuna. As for drinks, I stuck to water and drank up to 10 glasses a day.

After about a month I noticed that my rosacea flare ups were becoming less frequent and the redness less fierce. Not only that but I felt better too and had lost some weight. After another six months my rosacea was barely noticeable at all. That was over 10 years ago now and I have stuck to the same diet and very rarely get a rosacea flare up. Maybe once a year at most, and that’s usually because I’ve had a few days when I have had a couple of treats not on my diet plan. So please if you are a rosacea sufferer I urge you to give this totally natural rosacea treatment a try before you go the doctor and waste time and money on creams and prescriptions.

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