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Skin Lightening Treatments – What Skin Whitening Substances Should You Avoid When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes for a woman’s body. Some of these changes make pregnant woman become more fussy to certain foods, chemicals or certain products.

Skin lightening products come with different chemicals, and some of these may not be safe for use when a woman is pregnant. Some ingredients in these whitening products are perfectly safe for use by women who are pregnant, there are just others that pose a health problem.

Hydroquinone is one of the substances that pregnant women should stay away from. This is definitely one to avoid at all costs, the damage that it can cause can be very serious. It can further damage your skin and make it darker.

As for the baby, it can cause the baby to be deformed, which is something no parent will ever wish for their child. Expectant mothers to be must stay away from this substance, the fact that it is banned in some parts of the world just reiterates how dangerous it is.

Do not despair yet though. Just because one is pregnant does not mean they cannot use skin lightening substances. Arbutin and Hauronoside are safe for use by pregnant women, as they pose no threat for the baby or the mother.

Not all skin lightening products are dangerous for pregnant women or the baby, but it would be great advice for women who are pregnant to limit the amount of chemicals they expose themselves to.

Women who are expecting also need to keep in mind that it is not all about the chemicals. They can have a beautiful skin or be able to lighten it, by using natural ingredients, because they are essentially the best.

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