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Defy Wrinkles – Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

We are all living longer than ever. Most of us want to look great as we age. We want to be proactive in preventing wrinkles but also need help with the ones that have already set in and cause us to start to look a little older.

I started to show signs of aging about 20 years ago, when I was more concerned with building my career than taking care of my skin. As soon as I started to see the wrinkles appear, I began doing my research. I was not going to be one of those women who looked old before her time! Following are some tips that I live by.

When choosing an anti–aging skin product there are three main ingredients to look for:

1. Argireline–prevents the formation of new lines by inhibiting the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract

2. Hyaluronic Acid–cushions and lubricates the skin

3. Matrixyl-3000–a peptide combination which lessens the depth, density and volume of wrinkles from within

There are also three ingredients that should not be in your anti-aging skin product:

1. Mineral Oil–paraffin wax, petroleum – does not penetrate the skin, clogs pores and dries out skin

2. Parabens– methylparaben has been linked to premature aging of the skin

3. Dioxane–carcinogen known to cause cancer

To further defy wrinkles, it is also important to minimize your time in the sun, exercise regularly, stay away from second-hand smoke, and eat healthy foods which will give you more beautiful skin. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially the deeper colored ones which are high in anti-oxidents, nuts, legumes and lean proteins such as fish high in Omega 3 oils will help provide your skin with the vital nutrients it needs from the inside. Adding a daily multi-vitamin supplement most likely will help as well.

I am now in my mid-fifties and feel like I am on a great path to aging well.

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