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Skin Whitening Creams – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits?

There are many legitimate reasons that people use whitening cream. The single function of this cream is to make your skin a paler colour, so it can be useful for people who suffer from blemishes such as acne, moles or birthmarks. There are another group of people that use it all over their skin to disguise their actual skin colour. Unfortunately there are many people with darker skin that feel the need to fit in by lightening the colour of their skin.

What Are the Dangers?

If you are just temporarily using skin lightening cream to disguise a blemish, then you do not need to be concerned about any inherent dangers the cream may present. On the other had, there are some people who will use this cream extensively and for long periods of time. Whitening creams that you purchase off the shelf contain an agent called hydroquinone which some believe have cancer causing properties. If you are looking for a long term solution then you really should be consulting a medical professional to see what other options there are.

Where To Buy?

The safest place to purchase skin whitening creams is from a pharmacist. You may also want to consult a dermatologist to determine your skin type and which cream will work best for your situation. You may be tempted to purchase skin creams on the Internet, as there are many companies advertising all sorts of skin creams online. I would urge you to be careful when doing so, many of these creams are being sold by questionable sources, and you don’t want to risk buying something that is going to damage your skin.

Are There Alternatives?

Depending on your circumstances, there are some alternatives that you can use that are a lot safer than the whitening creams that are full of chemicals. For example, vitamin E cream will not only produce similar results, but can be very beneficial to the health of your skin as well. There are also other creams sold at health food shops that are specifically designed to whiten your skin colour, but are made from natural plant based products.

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