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Freeze 24-7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

I have two weeks more to get ready to meet my ex-university mates at a reunion dinner. Yes, I am excited and elated at the opportunity to catch up with old friends that I’ve not met in years. However, I am also a little hesitant. I used to be Miss Popular and now I cringe at the thought of what they might say about my current appearance. At this age, my wrinkles and fine lines are so obvious that even my children begin to notice them. I don’t why they started to set in so early. I am still in mid thirties. I admit that my shape has changed a lot since the birth of my three kids. I need a quick solution and I don’t think I want to go through any cosmetic surgery.

One of my cousins suggested that I try Botox. She even recommended her doctor to me. I just can’t keep on thinking that my face would be poked with needles. It took me awhile to prepare myself mentally. When I got to the clinic, I asked the doctor what I needed to do for my wrinkles. He replied that it would take more than 6 injections to reduce the visibility of my fine lines. I thought this was insane. So, I decided not to do it.

Then I called my sister and talked about my wrinkle problem. She mentioned a Freeze 247 anti wrinkle cream and said I should try it. I quickly surfed the Net and find out all I need to know about this product.

I found that the company has done some clinical tests on human. I was happy to know that it wasn’t animal tested. Can you tell I am an animal lover? I wasn’t sure that I should trust them because they claimed that all the subjects enjoyed a success rate of between 50% and 90% in reducing the wrinkles. What struck me is that they all saw these results within 10 minutes of applying Freeze 247 wrinkle cream.

I think I can’t go wrong with this product. So, I visited and ordered a jar. The product arrived in 4 days. When I dabbed it on my face, the cream quickly absorbed into my skin. In the next ten minutes, I was astonished. My facial wrinkles were lessened. It also softened my crows feet. The laugh lines around my mouth slightly reduced. I’m sure my skin will improve further if I carry on using it.

Freeze 24/7 works for me. I don’t have to worry about needles anymore. The way it relaxes my facial muscles to make the skin surface look smooth, you could say the effects are similar to Botox.

If you are searching for a Botox alternative, this product is worth trying. As we expose ourselves to sunlight and encounter the natural aging process, we can’t run away from developing wrinkles and fine lines. So what a better solution to reduce them fast when you need to attend a social gathering say tonight?

Upon further research, I learned that it utilizes Age-Less technology. This technology’s primary ingredient is GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid. But I don’t know how this compound can reduce wrinkles. I could not find any studies on GABA that show its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles. The only thing I can tell you is that the body produces it to induce sleep and relaxation.

Here is a word of warning. Never use it when you go to disco or any place that use UV lights. How embarrassing it was for me to find out that UV lights made my face glow brightly. So I quickly rinsed it off.

Freeze 247 anti wrinkle cream may use the most advanced cosmetic technology to deal with the effects of aging. However, it would be wonderful if the company would share with the consumers how the product works exactly.

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