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Natural Skin Care For Wrinkles – Top 5 Tips

You might have heard of many types of skin care products and treatments that reduce wrinkles and signs of aging like lotions, creams, gels, surgery, medicines, etc. But most of those products are made with cheap chemicals or synthetic ingredients that are not safe for your skin.

Skin care product manufacturers use chemical ingredients that will produce fast results in the short term but they dont care if your skin will get hurt and create more wrinkles in 6 months.

Skin care creams for wrinkles are effective when they target the 3 main causes of aging which are loss of collagen, lower hyaluronic acid and oxydation. Some products help to target just one or two areas, but if you do not target those 3 areas you will not get long lasting results.

And as i said before even if a wrinkle cream targets the 3 main causes of aging, if their ingredients are chemicals your results will not last and your skin will become dry and irritated.

So you should look only for natural ingredients like avocado extract, water, plant extracts, vitamins, anti oxidants, wakame, grape seed oil, honey and other earth sources. And you should avoid any kind of chemical like petroleum, petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, perfumes, preservatives, allergens,etc.

One of the primary thing that a skin care cream for wrinkles should do is increase the production of collagen in your skin, because collagen will repair the fibers of your skin and the outer layer of your skin will return to its original shape.

CynergyTk is a breakthrough ingredient from New Zeland that increases natural collagen production in the body thus firming the skin, but it also creates an invisible layer over your skin that gives the appearance of having a smoother skin.

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